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Trade in Space support agricultural supply chains to meet their deforestation-free commitments by combining the global reach of satellite data and blockchain traceability.

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Trade in Space believe in enabling agricultural supply chains to be more ethical, sustainable and accessible using the most innovative space and blockchain technologies. We work with our clients to help them achieve the corporate sustainability policies.

We monitor deforestation, land use change, carbon and climate change which is important to the production and trade of coffee and cacao and other commodities.  Our tools are modular, meaning we create bespoke solutions to provide our clients with the information they need to manage sustainability in their supply chains. By generating transactional intelligence for the supply chain we reduce friction in global trade and certify the sustainability of agriculture, and help our clients meet their commitments to the EU Deforestation Regulation.

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"One of the most exciting companies operating at the intersection of Earth Observation and Blockchain technologies"


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    Remotely Monitor Deforestation

    Trade in Space helps organisations create and enact their due diligence obligations toward EUDR and other ESG policies.
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    Continued Market Access

    Trade in Space provides valuable insights based on geospatial datasets covering farm assets and their environments, such as deforestation, carbon, land use and more. These insights can help shape sustainability policies and maintain market access.
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    Preparing for Climate Change Legislation

    EU have recently passed their deforestation legislation (EUDR), with the UK and others soon to follow. We monitor the emerging legislative landscape surrounding climate change and sustainability passporting, and provides clients with support to meet their commitments.
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    The Right Tools for the Job

    Our toolkit includes digitrak a mobile app to collect and integrate ground-truthed data into Sustainimaps, where it’s analysed to your sustainability standards.


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  • points and polygons monitored

  • km2 monitored

  • OUR PRODUCT: Digitrak

    Trade in Space developed digitrak to make data collection in the field easier! Available on Android, use Digitrak to collect and report data from the field either you can collect data as text strings or as geolocation tags which you can upload later when you have access to the internet.

    Key features of the app include a light-weight communication protocol – upload is only a few 10s of kb.  A barcode and QR code scanner to enable recognition of unique assets.  And a location feature to enable you to upload field shapes and boundaries directly to Sustainimaps for further analysis with the rest of your team.

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  • OUR PRODUCT: Sustainimaps

    Sustainimaps is an online data delivery platform which provides access to blockchain-ready data products, such as deforestation analysis, climate change vulnerability, pest and disease risk and more. Sustainimaps is the ideal platform to monitor your supply chain for deforestation and form part of your due diligence policy.

    As well as presenting an overall view of your supply chain performance, our insights dashboard brings your attention to where it’s needed. Sustainimaps can also directly email reports or provide data products as editable records. Sustainimaps can also be incorporated into existing software through standard API access.

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  • Early EUDR Preparation
    2 minutes

    Early EUDR Preparation

    On 29th June this year when the European Union’s EU Deforestation Regulation came into force, the clock officially began counting down to the first auditable imports for compliance to the regulation.

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  • EU Deforestation Regulations get Final Agreement by Council.

    9th June 2023 EU Deforestation Regulations get Final Agreement by Council  

  • Combating Global Deforestation

     Parliament Adopts New Law with Promising Implications for Businesses In a groundbreaking move to tackle global deforestation, the European Parliament has this year a new law aimed at addressing this urgent environmental concern. The legislation, which underscores the European Union's commitment to sustainability, not only emphasises the need for stricter regulations but also holds significant implications for businesses operating within the import and trade sectors. Here, we explore the key aspects of the new EU Deforestation Regulations and examine how Trade in Space, specifically through the use of innovative tools such as Sustainimaps and Digitrak, can assist importers and traders in meeting their sustainability requirements effectively.

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Want to see how our apps can add value to your business by unlocking transactionable insights for your supply chain? Get in touch with us to request a demonstration of our software and we’ll reach out to discuss your needs.

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