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Trade in Space developed digitrak to make data collection in the field easier! Available on Android, use Digitrak to collect and report data from the field either you can collect data as text strings or as geolocation tags which you can upload later when you have access to the internet.

Key features of the app include a light-weight communication protocol – upload is only a few 10s of kb.  A barcode and QR code scanner to enable recognition of unique assets.  And a location feature to enable you to upload field shapes and boundaries directly to Sustainimaps for further analysis with the rest of your team.


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    Collect Location and Field Boundary Data

    We have integrated open-source maps into Digitrak so you can collect field polygon data from your areas of interest - and push these straight to Sustainimaps.
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    Works Offline

    Data can be collected offline, and then pushed to the cloud when you get back online.
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    Provide Top-Level Statistics and Visualisations

    Digitrak includes a barcode scanner, to completment the new barcode generator feature in Sustainimaps. This gives you everything you need to track or record individual features of assets.


  • Create Traceable Datasets

    Create Traceable Datasets

    Link our QR Generator and Scanner features together to create traceable microlots!
  • Data-Driven Predictions

    Data-Driven Predictions

    Collect field data and combine with rich satellite data layers in Sustainimaps!
  • Lightning Fast Insights

    Lightning Fast Insights

    Obtain an in-depth actionable report for an area of interest within seconds
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Want to see how our apps can add value to your business by unlocking transactionable insights for your supply chain? Get in touch with us to request a demonstration of our software and we’ll reach out to discuss your needs.

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