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Embracing the Basics

Embracing the Basics

Sometimes in the discourse of EUDR compliance, it’s easy for us to lose sight of some of the simpler aspects of our products which we take for granted. Here are some of the features of Sustainimaps which we sometimes forget to shout about:

Tiered Permissions 
Each client has full control over the level of control each of their user licenses gets. From Ownership, which comes with the ability to control, view, delete, and edit all data, to a Member, with the option to view only a limited part of the supply chain and make no changes.

This feature calculates the total deforestation and forest within a specified supply chain area, without the need for farm locations and without saving the report within your supply chain data. It’s a cursory check that fits well within your risk assessment toolkit.

Data Quality Checks 
Checking the quality of data you upload into Sustainimaps is standard practice to ensure compliance.
We examine data for invalid shapes, such as intersecting or incomplete polygons and spikes, and verify that your coordinate pairs contain the correct number of decimal places. Finally, before we undertake any analysis, you have the option to preview and edit the data.

Deforestation Insights Dashboard
A PowerBI-style dashboard which provides an overview of supply chain performance to EUDR, presence of forest within the supply chain, and a general comparative risk score.

Our full toolkit is available in Spanish and English – we’re primed for more languages as requested!

A Link to EUDDS
Looking ahead to what the EUDDS portal may require we currently export all data in GeoJson format. We’re still waiting to hear if an API will be available. Meanwhile, append your Sustainimaps deforestation reports with your EUDDS reference number and store them securely on Sustainimaps for retrieval as needed. for more information or to book a demo

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