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Unlocking Opportunities


Trade in Space was founded in 2019 to make the future of global trade in soft commodities more ethical, sustainable, and accessible. We are an independent UK-based company, and we work globally across agri-commodity value chains.

As a team, our drive is to use the most innovative technological solutions to make managing sustainable supply chains easier and more efficient.  We work with our customers to ensure they have access to critical supply chain information so they can establish direct access to global markets in compliance with corporate, governmental or third-party standards.


    To enable trustworthy and verifiable transactions that accompany the world’s commodities all the way from producers to consumers.
    A world with transparent, sustainable supply chains verified by geospatial data and underpinned by the power of blockchain.

Why Trade In Space

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    Enabling Frictionless Trade

    Trade in Space reduces friction in global trade by providing transactional intelligence to accompany agricultural goods on their journey through the supply chain.
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    Transparency and Traceability

    Trade in Space provides clients with a trustworthy method to monitor the sustainability, traceability, and auditability of their supply chain by combining rich satellite datasets with the power of blockchain, ensuring credibility through transparency.
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    Futureproofing With Ease

    The Proprietary Trade in Space algorithms seamlessly integrate into existing supply chain management tools, preparing clients to comply with emerging climate change and sustainability passporting legislation.
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