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Unlocking Opportunities


We’ve been supporting supply chain operators with our Transactionable Insights® and our unique, collaborative approach to client relationships since 2019. 

By putting satellite data and blockchain technology at your disposal, we improve the way you do business, unlocking opportunities to make your supply chain more efficient, sustainable, and profitable at every stage of your product’s journey.

At Trade in Space, our favourite thing about our clients is their passion for the fields they work in and their fierce dedication to a net-zero future. We’re here to support your progress toward your commitments, help you navigate new and changing regulations, and enable you to set even more ambitious goals for the future. 

Our History

Trade in Space began operations in 2019 with the ambition to explore how satellite data can be integrated with blockchain technology through the development of Satellite Activated Smart Contracts. 

Initially focusing on the coffee farming sector, we managed to achieve a mapping accuracy of over 98%, surpassing existing commercial technologies. 

In 2020, our proprietary mapping software and blockchain architecture enabled the purchase of the world’s first space-traded coffee: a total of 60 kg of coffee from the El Diviso Coffee Farm in Colombia was shipped to Dear Green Coffee‘s roastery in Glasgow, Scotland.

Recognizing the growing importance of sustainability, we diversified our focus in 2021 by incorporating sustainability metrics into our coffee mapping algorithms. This led to a seed round investment from within the coffee sector, which allowed Trade in Space to expand our development team and enhance our product offerings. We received additional support from the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2023.  

Since launching our flagship product, Sustainimaps, our technology has been helping to maintain deforestation-free supply chains for some of the world’s largest coffee and cacao producers, enabling our clients to comply with EU Green Deal legislation and generate millions in green finance.


    To make agricultural supply chains more ethical, sustainable and transparent using the most innovative space and blockchain technologies
    A world with transparent, sustainable supply chains verified by geospatial data and underpinned by the power of blockchain.

Why Trade In Space

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    Attentive consultation and hands-on help

    We’ll never close a deal and leave you on your own to figure out what comes next. We believe in close-knit conversations and true partnerships, and we pride ourselves on developing a deep understanding of every one of our clients’ unique challenges.
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    Customisable and interoperable

    Our products are modular for complete customisability. They’ll fit seamlessly and securely within your existing framework of software and services. And we’ll continue evolving our offering to meet new needs as they arise – that’s our commitment to you..
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    Trustworthy, auditable, affordable

    Our insights are scientific, unbiased, and verifiable. Our close relationships with our clients and deep understanding of your needs allows us to develop products and offer solutions that outperform our competitors on performance and price.
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