“One of the most exciting companies operating at the intersection of Earth Observation and Blockchain technologies”

The future of global trade depends on transactionable insight:

Trade in Space integrate remote sensing data into supply-chain management systems, and blockchain applications.

Supply Chain Integration

In 2020 we completed a world first satellite-brokered direct trade between coffee producers in Colombia, and roasters in the UK. We recorded transaction details and supply chain events on our distributed ledger. Since then we’ve surveyed tens of thousands of farms around the world. We’ve moved beyond ‘actionable intelligence’; our way turns satellite insights into ‘transactionable insights‘.

Sustainability Passporting

Trade in Space smart-contracts provide Proof of Sustainability passports to meet emerging regulations. We provide transactional Intelligence to accompany goods throughout the supply chain journey, and reduce friction in global trade.

Our Solution Toolkit

Trade in Space collect and process data on agricultural assets anywhere in the earth surface. Our proprietary processing techniques enable us to tokenize these assets in a new range of satellite Dapps. Data becomes proof. Insight becomes certification. Actionable insights becomes transactionable insights.

Our solutions will help you address climate change legislation

Climate Change: New UK Law to curb Illegal Deforestation in Supply Chain

BBC News

UK Fines Supermarkets that Sell Goods Linked to Illegal Deforestation

NYC Food Policy Org


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