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Read stories from the Trade in Space team, behind-the-scenes insights into our work, and our thoughts on pressing issues in sustainability and supply chain transparency.
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    African Smallholders Lose Access to Market

    The EUDR legislation poses a significant challenge for smallholder farmers, particularly in Africa. It’s not deforestation on their farms that’s causing the problem, but rather the lack of infrastructure, connectivity, and preparedness. Even though the legislation hasn’t been fully enacted, evidence suggests that purchases of African coffee from smallholder farmers are already on the decline as African coffee exporters are witnessing the repercussions as contracts for coffee sales are being awarded to better-resourced countries like Brazil. This is especially concerning for countries like Ethiopia and Uganda, where the majority of coffee farming is done by smallholders. Ethiopia, in particular, heavily relies on the European Union (EU) market for its coffee exports, with approximately 5 million families dependent on this trade. Reuters has pointed out that any disruption in market access will have significant social consequences for the country.

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    Evidence of Smallholders Losing Access to Market


The latest news and updates from Trade in Space, and highlights of where we’ve been featured in local, national and international news.
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White papers detailing how Trade in Space provides a trustworthy, autitable method to keep supply chains sustainable, transparent, and traceable.
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    Geospatial Analysis for Assessing Crop Health Risks Due to Climate Change

    Sustainable living for everyone on Earth demands an in-depth knowledge of threats that threaten the food chain. Climate change poses particular risks to crops, making them susceptible to pests, diseases and temperature-related challenges. Recognising this urgency, Trade in Space’s analyst team led an innovative project sponsored by Scottish Enterprise in order to assess crop health using advanced data layers and assess risk.

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    Geospatial Analysis for Assessing Crop Health Risks Due to Climate Change
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