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Co.Honducafe EUDR Preparation

We are excited to be working with Co.Honducafe, a prominent Honduran coffee company known for its dedication and commitment to promoting the finest quality Honduran coffee while upholding ethical and social values. This collaboration is about shaping the future of sustainable coffee production and ensuring compliance with the evolving European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).

Co.Honducafe, a leader in the coffee industry, has always been at the forefront of responsible coffee cultivation and trade. Their commitment to producing top-tier coffee while prioritizing environmental and social sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission at Trade in Space.

Starting in July 2023, Co.Honducafe has embraced Trade in Space’s tool Sustainimaps, can now efficiently map and monitor their agricultural sites using remote sensing technology.

The EU’s Deforestation Regulation, introduced to combat deforestation and protect global forests, has brought a pivotal shift in the coffee trade landscape. Importing coffee into the EU now demands rigorous proof of its origin from deforestation-free land. While the responsibility for compliance rests with importers, the collaboration between producers like Co.Honducafe and entities like Trade in Space will be important in achieving this compliance.

As we continue to move forward with organisations like Co.Honducafe, we are excited about the positive changes we can bring to the agricultural sector.

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