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Our high-quality, verifiable insights on supply chain assets, land-use change, ecosystems, carbon levels, and crop health empower our clients to improve yield forecasts and surpass growth objectives while complying with regulations and leading the way toward a more sustainable future. 

When it comes to both our products and our services, our ethos is all about flexibility and support

The Trade in Space team understands that supply chain operators work within a continuously evolving landscape, both in terms of farming ecology and the regulatory environment. That’s why we create powerful supply chain monitoring tools that can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients, even as new needs arise

We work with you closely to understand your requirements, making sure you feel supported and reassured at every stage of your sustainability journey.

We are often more affordable than our competitors and offer both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions packages to suit any requirements and budget.

  • Sustainimaps + Digitrak

    Sustainimaps is a visualisation and reporting tool that provides access to blockchain-ready, sustainability-relevant data products to improve asset management, monitor progress toward commitments, and provide complete supply chain transparency, no matter where you are in the world.

    Digitrak uses mobile technology to allow new data to be collected and incorporated on the ground, straight from your remotest farm, using integrated open-source maps. Survey assets, collect geolocation data, and track the journey of commodities right down to their micro-lot of origin.

    The two apps work together seamlessly. Data collected remotely is sent to our cloud and can be viewed in near real-time by your reporting team at HQ. Our products are easily and securely integrated via API to your internal supply chain management system

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    Sustainimaps + Digitrak
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Want to see how our apps can add value to your business by unlocking transactionable insights for your supply chain? Get in touch with us to request a demonstration of our software and we’ll reach out to discuss your needs.

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