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Trade in Space’s flagship product is Sustainimaps, an online data delivery platform which provides access to blockchain-ready data products provided by SPOTCHECK and ASSETCHECK.

As well as presenting statistics and visualisations, Sustainimaps can also directly email reports or provide data products as editable records. Sustainimaps can also be incorporated into existing software through standard API access.


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    Monitor Deforestation Throughout Your Supply Chain

    Our SPOTCHECK tool allows you to quickly check for deforestation during a given year at any of your supply chain nodes, anywhere in the world.
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    Check for Deforestation Surrounding Your Assets

    Our ASSETCHECK tool allows you to upload the location of assets anywhere in the world —such as farms or washing stations— and assess deforestation rates within a defined distance of these assets or provide early warnings.
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    Provide Top-Level Statistics and Visualisations

    Sustainimaps presents the data from SPOTCHECK and ASSETCHECK as summary statistics and intuitive visualisations, producing full reports at the click of a button.


  • Plug and Play

    Plug and Play

    Sustainimaps can be easily implemented into your software via standard API access
  • Data-Driven Predictions

    Data-Driven Predictions

    Get early warnings on deforestation and access 20 years of forest loss trends
  • Lightning Fast Insights

    Lightning Fast Insights

    Obtain an in-depth actionable report for an area of interest within seconds
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Want to see how our apps can add value to your business by unlocking transactionable insights for your supply chain? Get in touch with us to request a demonstration of our software and we’ll reach out to discuss your needs.

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