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Early EUDR Preparation

On 29th June this year when the European Union’s EU Deforestation Regulation came into force, the clock officially began counting down to the first auditable imports for compliance to the regulation.

From 30 December 2024 all imports of cattle, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, rubber, soya and wood – and their derived products, must be:

  • ‘deforestation-free’;
  • produced in accordance with the relevant legislation of the country of production; and
  • covered by a due diligence statement indicating no more than a negligible risk of non-compliance.

Compliance hinges on meticulous data collection and preparation, which presents a significant challenge for larger supply chains, even with just over a year to prepare.

We’ve been collaborating closely with our clients to gather, prepare, clean, and audit their supply chain data in compliance with EUDR legislation. This process demands care. Leveraging Digitrak, we assist in pinpointing farm locations through supplier engagement to collect farm perimeters. We then provide clients with a mapped preview, allowing them to correct location inaccuracies. Our analysis tools detect deforestation and land degradation, aiding in early EU import planning and risk assessments with producers.

It’s important to us to make sure our clients are prepared for whatever eventuates, which is why we’re data-agnostic, and therefore, positioned to comply with any preferred data sources or methodologies as they are announced

With more announcements from analysis providers about EUDR solutions in development through 2024, the risk of “wait and see” is substantial. Facing a 4% turnover fine and potential exclusion from the EU market, many operators are overwhelmed. However, It’s clear that early preparation and swift adoption of digital compliance strategies are essential for a seamless transition and safeguarding future trade potential in this evolving regulatory landscape.

Don’t leave compliance to chance – act today for secure market access.

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